About Sonic Incytes

Sonic Incytes is a medical device start-up company targeting the over $1.5 Billion point-of-care ultrasound market.

Based at UBC’s new Hatch incubator, the company is led by an experienced leadership team, with demonstrated expertise in building successful companies and bringing forth-medical technology to market.

The team has strong relations to UBC and other leading global centres of medical imaging and clinical research.

A Revolutionary Product

We empower physicians by providing a unique point-of-care diagnostic system. Contained in the palm of one's hand, our product allows the presence and extent of disease to be detected entirely within the physician's office.

The innovative product from Sonic Incytes uses next-generation ultrasound technology called SWAVE, which allows physicians to quantify disease without specialized training or intervention.

Applied to liver disease, physicians and non-physician personnel can now accurately measure the presence and stage of fibrosis non-invasively. A speedy and accurate diagnosis leads to faster treatment, preventing the development of cirrhosis or cancer, and avoiding the need of a liver transplant.